Does anyone else use Aeros like recording platform?

Hello everyone, my knowledge in guitar recording is poor. At the moment my Aeros
it’s placed after the effects and I’m using it as a recording platform for ambient guitar loops which I then import and process in Reaper. I’m wondering, is the audio quality produced by Aeros adequate for this purpose or should I think about buying a sound card and recording with a PC to get a quality upgrade?
Many thanks

No matter how you approach getting ideas into it. You still need a functioning DAW for further production. Don’t know how it applies to ambient.

Signal Processing

32-bit Floating Point

Sample Rate


Bit Depth


I would prefer a 48kHz. Just because I believe there is less interpolation.

I would describe the Aeros as a portable 6 track recorder, and perfectly suited to what you describe. I import into Logic with no issues. As for the sample rate mentioned above, your delivery of a final master will likely be a compressed digital format, which nullifies any benefit to recording at a higher resolution. There are a lot of misunderstandings and opinions masquerading as facts when it comes to digital recording, but as always, it comes down to the music you are producing, not the method or the medium.


Many thanks for your reply!