Does anyone have a visual (notation) of the actual stock drum patterns?


In case someone can help…

Would anyone know how I could get a visual representation of the stock drum patterns from the BB? To clarify what I mean, I’m looking for notation, or something (in a pdf format) to show what beat in the measure each part of the drum kit is playing. Basically, I’m looking for something that shows when the bass drum is played and at which point in the measure. This would make it easier to song match.

I’m sure someone will mention that I should just use some midi software. If so, which one would give the best visual?

There may already be some sort of file on this forum. i haven’t found it yet.


Welcome, Trumpeter. I don’t think there’s anything on the forum quite like you’re looking for.

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There are no PDFs like this, but if you are interested in seeing a visual representation of the individual tracks on the BeatBuddy, you can export the MIDI file from within the BeatBuddy Manager and view it in a DAW. For example, if you’d want to see the main fill of Blues 1, hover your mouse over it, right click it, and export the MIDI track.

Here is the BeatBuddy Manager software:

Also make sure you check out the tutorial, which has the very important and required steps at the beginning on how to create a project: