Does anyone use "Bandlhelper" app withe BB?

Does anyone use “Bandhelper” app with BB? If so, how does it work out? Can I use it with Android tablet?

I use it as a solo piano player in a church setting. I have a library of songs and midi presets for song selection and tempos. Then I attach the MIDI presets to the songs as appropriate.

I create a set list of each time I play from the songs I have in my library, then I have the ipad at the side of me to select the next song and send MIDI signals to the BB to automatically set it up without looking down and fiddling.

I also use my ipad then to play pads and other backtracks when needed.

I only went with Bandhelper over Set List Maker because it had a free trial - I don’t need all the other band management type functions in the app. When the trial ends I may well switch back to Set List Maker and pay the one-off fee for the app - Bandhelper has a subscription cost model to continue using it.

I’m currently working on coding a Windows script that will work through a BB project and automatically create bandhelper midi presets from what is contained there ready for batch import via the Bandhelper website