Does BeatBuddy send midi signals (other than the clock)?

Hey guys, I’m not very experienced with using live Midi devices (other than building midi beats for the BB) so I’m hoping that you can answer a question for me. I know that the BB sends a midi signal from the internal clock to use with loopers, etc. What I’m wondering if if it also sends midi signals whenever the “Fill”, “Transition Fill”, or “Outro” are triggered (for that matter how about start as well)?
My eventual end point is to find a way to trigger bass lines from a midi device that will change depending on which section of the BB loop you’re in. Not sure if it’s even possible, but I have to start somewhere. The ultimate preferred idea would be to change the type of bass line (i.e. walk, revolve, single note, etc) when the BB changes loop sections or fills, but have the actual key of the bassline change based on which guitar chords are being played. A couple ideas are floating around in my head but again I don’t know if it’s even possible (other than spending the money to build it myself).


According to BeatBuddy’s MIDI manual, it will send the following MIDI data from its MIDI Out port. The manual is for firmware v1.77 so it maybe old.

Tempo Clock
Start, Stop, Next Part
MIDI Notes
Time Signature

And Singular is a bit remiss in not publishing a standard ‘MIDI Implementation Chart’ for the BB :flushed:
Please fill in blanks in the chart below and include the ‘Date Version’…

Y’all better hope the forth coming ‘MIDI Maestro’ has a MIDI Implementation chart :rofl: