Does BeatBuddy support passive Midi-Thru devices?

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I’m looking for a way to copy BeatBuddy’s Midi Out Port to several other devices; I was wondering if anybody has any success with Midi powered devices (like Miditech Midi Thru 4 or like
[SIZE=4]MIDI Solutions Quadra 4-Output MIDI Thru Box).

I’ve measured the voltage on the Midi Out on the BB and it seems to be 5v between pins 2 and 5, but I’m looking for confirmation before ordering such a box; I’d rather have a port-powered MIDI box, than adding another PSU in my pedalboard.

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Although I could not find the previous forum threads discussing this topic, some users have favorably reported using MIDI-thru devices. If you don’t get an answer to your question, sometimes you can contact the MIDI device builder and ask them if their device will work with the BB. I would also ask them if it will work with the other MIDI devices that you will be using. I’ve done so in the past for other different MIDI devices and have found the builders to be quite candid. On other forums, some users have reported that the MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru fixed their problems with the VoiceLive 3. There’s a caveat here that just because the Quadra Thru might work with the BB and VL3, it does not guarantee that it will work with other MIDI-enabled devices.

Hello, when I was trying different setups I used a MIDI thru box (passive version) to copy the MIDI out, to send one to an Infinity Looper and the other to a Yamaha Bluetooth adapter, and both worked perfectly.

I hope that helps.

I have used their Quadra Thru box with similar good results. However, I have not tried using it to power multiple sound modules: [Begin Pasted info]


Quadra Thru

MIDI Solutions Thru boxes provide additional MIDI Thrus wherever required in a MIDI setup. For example, a Thru box can provide the connections to send a single MIDI data stream from a keyboard to multiple sound modules.

As MIDI devices are daisy-chained together, MIDI signals gradually lose their integrity due to passage through optoisolaters at the devices’ MIDI inputs. MIDI Solutions Thru boxes can be used to clean up the MIDI signal at any point in the chain where it is starting to become unrecognizable (actually all MIDI Solutions products clean up MIDI data in this way). Be careful of other Thru boxes that amplify errors along with the signal; MIDI Solutions Thru boxes actually read in the data and re-clock it out at the correct baud rate, eliminating any errors that have accumulated due to daisy-chaining or long cable runs.

Click here to see an application of the Quadra Thru in Gus G’s Ozzy stage rig" [End Pasted info]

If that’s not enough, I’d recommend you look at their FAQs

and then if you still need more, send an e-mail off to Midi Solutions.

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This is what I was looking for! I’m gonna use it with an Infinity Looper and a Behringer UMC1820 (trying to control a DAW tempo… which might be harder than anticipated), and maybe a Yamaha Bluetooth adapter in the future.

I’ve used it with an Infinity and an Adrenalinn A3. Works greats.

mcanoreagan I want to connect the Beatbuddy midi out to the input of the Midi Solutions Quadra Thru box and connect my Yamaha MD-BT101 adapter to one of the outputs. Am I understanding correctly that you tried this and the Yamaha still powered OK?

I can confirm that it powers ok

Yep! That will work.