Does MM Midi in flow thru to the MM Midi out?

Does the MM act as a midi merge, merging the Midi input data with its own midi data through the output port?

I have searched the forum and cannot find a clear answer on this…

Hey there,

Yes, it does act as MIDI merge!

Thanks for the question, let me know if you have any more.

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Thank You Brennan for your response. Am I right in assuming that this is only on channel 1? It doesn’t merge on all 16 midi channels or does it?

The merge affects all channels, but commands only affect the channel on which the command is being sent, meaning something going into the MIDI Maestro on channel 1, will not send anything to channel 5 for example.

The only exception to this that I know of are syssex messages like Start and Stop which are sent through all channels.

Thanks again Brennan. That is very clear and very helpful. Best Regards.

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Likewise Chris!