Does NP Standard Pro Bass = NP StdPBass 63-91?

Is NP Standard Pro Bass same as NP StdPBass 63-91? Thank you, James

'Fraid not. NP Standard Pro Bass is one of the premium kits sold by Singular Sound that has been modified by a forum user to add bass samples. The NP StdPBass 63_91 is a bass kit built using the Standard drum kit and includes samples from a Fender Precision Bass. You can try the NP StdPBass 63_91 in lieu of the premium kit to see how it sounds but it probably doesn’t include all of the drum instruments that the premium kit has.

I bought the Standard Pro Drum Kit from the Singular Sound Premium Content Library about two weeks ago. I think my problem is the only link I have found for the NP Standard Pro Bass Kit is a Broken Link, so I am unable to download it. Would you be able to provide a link to the NP Std Pro? Thank you, James

Pls check your forum inbox.

someone can provide a link to the NP Standard Pro Bass ?

Convo started.

or possibly

Or, if you are looking for the kit with Bass added to the Singular’s Standard Pro kit, that is available if you purchase Standard Pro, and send me a proof of purchase ( a screen shot of your available downloads.) After I get that, I can send you a link to the kit.

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Hi Phil_Flood I am interested in NP Standard Pro Bass user kit, can you send me link to the kit? Thank you. JP

Responded with PM. @jarpav - please edit your message to remove your proof of purchase.

Hi - I’m looking for the NP StdPBass 63_91, but the one in Phil’s Dropbox seems to be missing, and the only other version I could find didn’t want to un-archive (I tried 3 different utilities, to no avail).

After a long time getting comfortable with BB, and Manager, I’m FINALLY composing beats from scratch, and should have a couple ready to post shortly. I’ve benefited IMMENSELY from this community, and I’d like to start giving back!

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Phil I think I have this kit at my office but I just purchased the one from the library for 10 us dollars and i still cant play your songs ? Im at home on a mac now ?

I’m not sure how to message you with screen shot of Standar Pro Purchase

Click on the small avatar In your and it brings up his reply Click on his larger avatar and it will bring up a dialog box. Click on Message.

New user, trying to get ‘NP Standard Pro Bass’ too.
I have bought ‘standard pro drum set’ but I guess I’m not supposed to post my proof of purchase here. (I assume so others can’t screen grab it).
So please let me know how to get it to you. I don’t see any PM method.

Thanks in advance.