does the new firmware update support 500+ one press songs

Just loaded the new firmware update does that mean I can load 500+ one press song or do I have to have an update on the bb manager, how do I get the manager that supports the over 500 note limit? Thanks haven’t been on here for awhile, to much work and no time to play

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cool loaded with no problems thanks a lot im not a computer guy by any means,without the help of others id probably have tossed this thing out with the trash a long time ago!

Glad I could help

Where is the answer to this question? I need to know before I download the new FW.

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For songs containing 500+ notes in any individual MIDI file, you will need the beta BeatBuddy Manager software (version 1.60).

Where can I get the BB Manger software version 1.60?

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As a reminder the 1.6 version has a verified bug that prevents one from exporting a midi part so it can be edited in a midi editor. This is pretty important for me personally. However, I am glad support is aware of it and I am sure will address it is a new release.

Please know I am not complaining I am so excited about the firmware update and the upside in the manager 1.6 to create songs with +500 rocks.

BB Support any ETA on a new beta that addresses exporting the midi parts without issue?


I experienced a problem, that I never had before I loaded the new firmwear it shut down and restarted as I was using the new foot controlled song/folders advance, I was switching through songs in a file, it only did it once so far havent had time to really put it through its paces but will let you know if it becomes a problem,

Thx for posting this, I wondered what happened to the editor.

Not sure the developers have a firm ETA on the BBM yet however, since can coexist with the beta BBM, you can use to export midi and use the beta BBM for >500 midi note playing. Yes, it’s a slight pain, but it’s an effective workaround.

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I tried that with the 2 versions on 1 mac- it completely messed up my library. It probably was me somehow messing it up. But I need to wait until this is resolved before I try that again. If you have newer beta that allows this in 1.6x please let me know. I messaged you.

are you (persist) a part of the beatbuddy team?
why are you keeping the answers “in the dark”?
i’m sure there are lots of bb owners who would like this q answered, but instead of writing the answer in this thread for everyone to see, you keep starting private conversations, which means only a few people get to see that answer…
no offense, persist.
i just don’t see the point of keeping “secrets” in a forum like this, for a specific product everyone is trying their best to get the most out of.

No offense taken brynte5. I’m not a BeatBuddy employee. I volunteer as a forum moderator. My availability varies along with how much time I can (or am willing to) spend on the forum.

If I have an answer that benefits the group, I post it in the thread so all can see.

If I have something specific for a user, I usually alert them with a “Opened a Conversation” so that that individual knows to look for it and it also alerts other forum staff that I’m addressing the issue. I can see how it would be annoying–sorry 'bout that. As far as keeping secrets, I don’t have any. :smiley: Hope you understand.

ok, thanx for letting us know your point of view.

i need rhe new version of bb manager 1.6 becaue the 500+ limit. I know about the problems decribed here.
I need the version for pc. Can anybody sent me a link or sent it directly to me?


So I recently used the 500+ note feature to use a ‘one-press’ song live. I’d say it’s just OK - that’s not a criticism of Singular Sound - the new tools in the BB and the BBManager beta are excellent. It was easy to source the drum track and get the song to play (with one exception, see below). I think it’s just OK because I have no control over how the song proceeds. That lack of control is good and bad. It was great to reduce my multitasking by 1/3 (bass guitar, harmonies, and BB) because I didn’t have to pay much attention to the BB after the first press. It’s just that the whole performance felt very constrained not only by the sheet music but by the entire canned rhythm structure of the song.

I paid $1.99 for a midi track for the song I wanted from an online source. The track came with the drum part on channel 10 but the website had tools to strip off all the other instrument tracks as well. The BB will only respond to midi notes on channel 10 so it’s optional to strip off the other notes. [We (my church) already have license to perform the songs as part of our services.] I loaded the midi file into the main loop of the song. The problem I had was that the BB and BBManager lost the first measure so the track was always a measure behind. This loss occurred independent of whether or not I used an intro or a count-in. I ended up adding a full measure to the midi file I bought so it would play correctly.

The downloaded midi track was much more thinly scored than the stock tracks and the purchased tracks. For the last 1/3 of the song it was all fills, no main beat. It was a little difficult to keep consistent time between the band and the BB towards the end as a result. Since the song had short measures in the beginning verses, it was too difficult to try to edit anything in Beat Builder because there wasn’t a good way to easily track the measures one the time got out of sync as a result of the short measures (there were two 3/4 measures in a 4/4 song).

For style, this method is an improvement because I got increased variation in the drum track - it was more complex than just loops, fills, and transition. It was a detriment because the less-filled drum track was difficult to follow when it was silent or just fills and I felt like I had no control over the drum parts (duh!).

If you’re a soloist, I could see where this feature would be a great addition. I will only use it in a band setting when I have songs with short measures that won’t play successfully the normal way.

Yes iam a soloist. I made a song with 8 different parts to take care of correct switching to the next part of the song. So i decided to make one track so i dont have to take care the whole song.

Do you know where i can get the newest version of bb manager?