Does the New Standard Kit Have A Weaker Kick Drum?

Question for anyone who has updated their Standard kit to the 1.1 version: Have you noticed that the kick drum seems to be less loud and bassy?

Or am I imagining that?

Maybe the Beatbuddy guys can weigh in here?






Ferris is out for the day. :cool:

It does seem a touch weaker and thinner. The snare seems to stand out a little more too. Thought it was just my imagination.

Crap. I was hoping I was wrong. I’m set up and EQ’ed for the original kit.

Anyone else want to weight in? Perhaps Goran?

@GoranGrooves, FYI

Goran has emailed me, and he says “The kick was not touched. It is exactly the same kick. Only additional instruments were added.”

So it’s an optical illusion. Apologies for the goose chase.


Hey, thanks for closing the loop on the forum.