Dokken - Must fondle my inner George Lynch, then a strategic squeeze to sing just like Don Dokken

Hello all of you beautiful OPB song creators. I need some help, please. I love George Lynch in a way that I ought not actually describe. He’s been in my top 3 favorite guitarists since the very first time I heard Just Got Lucky on the radio. However, that song isn’t one of the tunes that I covet. The ones that I am interested in are:

It’s Not Love
In My Dreams
Night By Night
Mr. Scary
Alone Again
Tooth And Nail
Breaking The Chains
Heaven Sent
Bullets To Spare
Lighning Strikes
So Many Tears

Ok so maybe I got a little carried away. I will be ecstatic with any of these tunes. I wanna get all the locals moist with all the hours I’ve put in trying to be a clone. Please dont let all of those thousands of hours I’ve spent developing techniques, speed, accuracy, and mastering all those delicious George Lynch licks and solos. I want to busk some Dokken and make all the children understand! Mr. Scary is nearly untouchable at 120 BPM. Please help!

I’ll see what I can do.

Where do you live, Persist? I have nothing but time on my hands. Might just show up with all my battery powered busk gear, snatch you up, and take you to where the people give us money because we learned how to music =)

Im pretty sure I’ve downloaded just about every OPB&+ on the site. Pretty sure we’ll have plenty to play! But Dokken… Badlands… :smiley:

1191 miles NE of you! :grinning:

What like Chicago or like farther? I think Chicago is like 1200 miles. WTF is a mile other than 5,280 feet? Seems like everything except Florida and the like is NE of me. Big Cities = scary. Human beings weren’t meant/designed/programmed to live all packed on top of one another like that. I think our best number is like 125-130 before the strong start taking advantage of the timid.

And don’t worry about me just randomly showing up without making actual concrete plans with you beforehand like I may have suggested. I’m pretty harmless and entertaining aside from the occasional autistic meltdown (mainly sensory and OK prolly a bit more than just occasionally, Uncomfortable but still pretty harmless). And, of course, you still have the option of, you know, not giving me or falsifying any contact information. Although, please just tell me to get bent instead of lying to me. Might cause laughter, and sadness, and maybe even one of them fancy, big city meltdowns. Which means that I’ll probably be shot and killed the first time I have one. :laughing:

Speaking of “scary” ha hah (tagged you on a very apropos song title).

I’ve found a couple of your requests and will post some more tomorrow.

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