Dont Know What I did

It says I have no songs in my pedal. When I plug the pedal into my puter and look on my E drive I see that everything appears to be there. Did I explain that well enough? I did find out that I had uploaded the 2.0.4 software. I am working with windows 8.1.

Assuming based on what you said about the songs still being visible in the BBM and using the BBM, File > Export > Project to the root level of your SD card and accept the prompts to Sync.

thank you for the reply persist, but I have no idea what your talking about. Just to give you a little heads up, I don’t even know what is meant by setting the workspace. I have downloaded some BBpremium folders and I got thru that ok but trying to get them onto the sd card is another story. That’s where this mess started. I guess I just don’t understand the whole thing. And I did read the manual and keep going back to it.

Have the songs been gone since the beginning or have you done a few things in the BBManager software that made them disappear?

Also, 2.04 is the firmware version, that’s not the software. Have you installed the software already? If you haven’t you can it here:

I did load the softwear, I misspoke I meant firmwear, I was doing things, My songs are in a file on my puter but I cant get them into the pedal, never could. The stuff that was on the pedal is gone but when I plug into the puter it says its still in my E Drive. Maybe I should deleate everything and start all over

Bet this is really easy if you know what your doing

You can certainly do that, it may be simpler.

I suggest restoring the default content onto your SD card:

  1. Wipe your SD card clean from everything so that there is nothing on it.

  2. Download the ‘SD Card Backup’ file from:

  3. Unzip all the content, and put the extracted files onto the clean SD card. In the SD card you should now see 4 folders and 1 file - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS and the file named HASH.BCF (If you do not have an unzipping program, you may download a free one here:

  4. Your SD card is ready for use!

And after you restored your card, follow these steps:

(1) Create a project from the SD card:

(2) Then you can add the library content to that existing project created in step 1 and then put it all on the SD card:

In case you need it. Once you get the BB back to its pre-messed up, operating state, you will use Beat Buddy Manager, aka BBM, to get your Premium songs onto the pedal. The process is to go to the file menu in BBM, and select Import>Folder, then navigate to the pbf files that you purchased. Those are folders of songs. And, once you get it back to working correctly, use only, and I mean ONLY, BBM to move songs and drumkits into and out of your Beat Buddy. Once you set that Workspace, do not manipulate files within it.

Oops, cross post. Follow the procedures support gave you.

And if we’re still not making sense, see the conversation I opened with you :slight_smile:

Just be patient. It’ll all start making sense once you get it working.

Thanks a lot guys, I was about to through this thing out the window, im sure its not BB its just puter challenged me.

Ok I got the sd card wiped and reloaded, now what.

^ The last part of my post above details the next steps.

Thank you to everone that helped me, i got the songs into my pedal finally woohoo