Don't Lose Your SD Card

Was packing the BeatBuddy into a carry bag the other night and either I or something in the bag must have pushed the end of the SD card enough to unlatch it from the slot and it fell out fortunately into the bottom of the bag, but didn’t leave me without a bit of panic when I booted the BB up sans the memory card later that evening and realized it was missing.

Most all my other gear that has an SD card has it recessed just below the case surface requiring a thumbnail or similar to unlatch it or a cover (some with a screw) that prevents an inadvertent unlatch and loss.

What do you think… would matching gray Duck tape to retain the card look a bit funky??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I always bring 3 copies of the SD card.

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Me too. 2 newest project and the last know good card. I bring an extra BB pedal too.