Don't Stop Believin OPBk re-up - added keys to existing file

Includes .sng, source midi (need to change key to match posted .sng), OPBk midi file.

Uses NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio Centered.

Download Here


Hi Phil_Flood, as usual, this is another fabulous example of your work! Can you easily explain how I might lower the volume on this song? It seems to be much louder than all the files. I’ve tried several things in Sonar but I’m not getting anywhere. However, I will say, I am NOT very versed in the software. If it’s too complicated, no worries!! Thanks and have a great day!

It’s somewhat complicated. First, the easiest and best way to deal with the volume issue is to simply connect a volume pedal after the BB. But, to adjust a song’s volume individually, you would need to lower the volume of each and every instrument in the Drumkit, and then Save the drum kit. So as to not ruin the Drumkit for other songs, you would first copy the Drumkit and change its name, and then adjust the volumes on the copy. It’s a real pain the neck. Thus, the easiest solution is the volume pedal.

Thank Phil! I get you! My issue is I intend to you it live. Correspondingly, Don’t Stop is much louder than all the rest of the BB songs. I would have to (REMEMBER!) lower the volume on that song and turn in back up on the next. I exported the MIDI into Sonar and tired to reduce the channel volumes but it did nothing. I guess I’ll have to go to adjusting the kit. I remember seeing the individual components/triggers for the kits one time, but don’t recall where. I’ll have to do some recon! LOL! Thank you so much! Your guidance is much appreciated! Have a great day!

On the list of drumkits in BB Manager, double click directly on the kit’s name. This will bring up the drum set maker window. There is an overall volume for the kit, but, unfortunately, it does not work. We hav3 asked Singular to fix that, but nothing has happened. Each kit piece also has a volume setting, and those do work. Adjust them all down a few dB, and then go to drumkits>Save drum kit.

Thank you again, Phil! Have a great day!

Hi Phil,

Just an update. I reduced the Piano triggers on the NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio Centered XRp by 6dB and the blend is much better for with the other instruments and the other BB files. Thank you for your help with this! You and Persist are amazingly helpful guys! I REALLY appreciate it! THANK YOU!


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Thanks for the song Phil_Flood… Nice to have it with the keys added…

Bro you rock. Thank you. :wink: