'Don't Stop Believin' with keys intro?

Phil put up a nice clean effort April 2016 which sounds good using ‘Rock with Bass’ (originally called for SuperBassG but I can’t hear any difference). Intro on the original song has simple key board comping which would be great to have. The ability to loop the outro is great since sometimes our lead guitarist deserves to be heard…and we can’t stop him and we fade stuff with a volume pedal. Having the intro at tempo with a hi-hat for timing might be useful since i may play bass on this one.

I could tinker with MIDI files in Aria if someone has them to post although I am a rank amateur at best. Alternatively I might be able to record and play over the intro as we do with complex stuff we can’t replicate live like the intro to ‘Crazy Train’ and setup intros for Floyd’s ‘Breathe & Time’ segue.

Posted. I hope its what you want. If not, it’ll be a lot easier to edit now to get where you want to be.

Thank you! I’m always thankful to be given the fruits of your labor but the written detail in your various remarks furthers my education as well. Writing a coherent, logical series of thoughts to be read and understood is much harder than MIDI.