Double amount of MB for building a drum kits

100 MB is a bit too small for building a fully featured set the way I want it.

I would like it to be 200-250 MB instead of today’s 100MB.

Is this possible ?

This has been asked a number of times, unfortunately the answers have never been conclusive. These are the best answers I can find.

So it appears that this could be hardware related (onboard memory) or firmware (the software that runs on the pedal). The later means it could be added in the future, however I suspect it is both and could only be solved by new hardware i.e. Beatbuddy version 2.

The trick is 128Mb is more or less the internal memory size.

However, I know how the firmware should be optimized to allow for using drumsets more “fat” than current limit of 100Mb.
I cannot tell you when it is ready, though.

BeatBuddy 2 ! ?? :eek:

That sounds sooo Japanese :smiley:
You know they make a synth and the next year they put out version 2 that looks virtually the same instead of just upgrading the firmware.
They are as far as I know only in it for the money :mad:

I prefer USA made stuff before Japan made soul less mass products.

The size limit shouldn’t be per drum kit but rather a global one so you could have one set that is 25Mb and another that is 250mb as long as the memory card can hold it.

I guess it is just a firmware issue that eventually get updated.
Most things about the BB is very well thought so I don’t see why this would be in the near future :smiley:

Well, if that’s the case, I already have such a “BeatBuddy 2” at home that is essentially a BeatBuddy (that I’ve never actually unscrewed once) that plays complete MIDI files for me. Unfortunately, it’s far from being polished.

Well, it would be “clever” to call it a “BeatBuddy 2” for a separate price tag. Smart japanese marketing rocks, I must say :slight_smile:

Aha -You’re a developer and you’re competing with Singular Sounds :smiley:

Well, no, I don’t compete with them by any means as I work for them now. Everything for the prosperity of Singular Sound!
By the way, undo/redo will soon be ready for BBManager. Finalizing it now :slight_smile:

I’d like to say that as I understand it, you guys are a small business and as a small business owner, I’m a big supporter of you guys and I’m a huge fan of the product as it is…

Having said that, can you help me understand the restrictions of the SD card… you guys supply a card and that card restricts the amount of memory I have to store songs and ADDITIONAL drums kits? If I were to go out and purchase a card with a larger capacity, I could then add more songs and more playlists? I only plan to use the BB for acoustic gigs and I only plan to use the Cajon and Brushes kit. So to clarify my thinking, I can add these two kits and all the songs I created on the card supplied? Are all the beats you guys supplied already on the pedal so when I create a song using the beats provided by you, it doesn’t take up additional memory because I’m just instructing the pedal on how to assign the beats that are already saved on the pedal in a certain order… Is this correct?

Edit: I should explain that I purchased the pedal last Friday and have not received it yet… I’ve been playing with the software on my computer…

The SD card is the “Hard disk” of the Beatbuddy and contains all the content samples and songs in a proprietary format which requires the Manager software to utilise it, there is also a copy of the midi file loops which make up each song. The Beatbuddy loads these into its internal memory for each song and it appears this internal memory limits the drumsets to 100mb.

The Beatbuddy comes with a 4Gb SD card, you can buy a larger one up to 32Gb but as each kit is 100Mb and midi files are small there should be no need. Buying a faster SD card does speed up the loading of the Drum sets though.

Hope that answers your question.

Ok… Thanks for the explanation… I think I understand better…

One last question… What if you use the same drum kit for every song? Will that eliminate load time or is the load time to load the loops for the song regardless of which kit you’re using?

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us…

There is a little delay around 10 sec for a new drum set to load, if you are just changing songs with no drum set change then it is instantaneous as midi files are so small.

Perfect for me… Thanks again! I’m an expert now…