Double hit effect

Please help people…I am experiencing a problem and I don’t know if it is the BB Manager or the Beat Builder Software. Since Monday this week I am experiencing a ‘double hit’ effect whenever I add a fill or an intro/outro made using the Beat Builder Software…although I have used this successfully for a number of months. This only occurs with drum parts made on the Beat Builder…not the default BB Drum samples, and has only just started happening. It sounds like a ‘ghost hit’ effect and is causing serious problems. Is either one of the software programmes corrupt? When I sample the new part on the BB software it plays fine…only when I transfer it to the BB Manager…and subsequently it occurs when I play the actual BB Pedal. Any help appreciated…urgently!

Did you by any chance update the firmware on Monday? There is a "release"setting in the BB (details in the manual) which you may need to experiment with. Could you upload the file? If you are triggering the same sample at the end and beginning of the loop then this may create a ghost note.

I have reposted this issue on a separate thread as requested, so sorry for the duplication. I did down load the new Firmware this week…but the problem was evident prior to this…as such the ‘release’ function in the BB Pedal makes no difference. The release setting is not relevant because the error appears on the BB Manager software prior to ever getting near to the pedal. Today I tried installing the BB Manager Software on another lap top and uploaded the project from the SD Card. Interestingly, the very first time I tried playing a sample it was fine…then it went the same as the first lap top with a ‘double hit’ effect. I then uninstalled the BB Manager on the original lap top and re installed it…no difference. Could the problem be the Beat Builder Software? I have uploaded the problem files from my Beat Builder.