Double/Multiply and halve/divide

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I didn’t find this topic using the search function.

Would you consider an option (even if only via MIDI) to double an existing recording on a track? And to halve it? What I mean by this: if there is a set BPM and the Aeros knows the number of bars, it would just copy/paste the recording to double the numbers of bars. For example, I have a 1-bar-loop, pressing the double button would transform it into a 2-bar-loop (which sounds exactly like the 1-bar-loop since it’s been copy-pasted). Pressing the button again will create a 4-bar-loop, then an 8-bar-loop and so on.

It would be musically useful, because it would let you create a short loop, and then by multiplying it 2 or 3 times, you could add overdubs to that track to achieve variety. This would especially be useful in 2x2 mode where there are not that many tracks to achieve variety.

The counterpart would be the division action (via MIDI?). Pressing the button would cut a 8-bar-loop in half and create a 4-bar-loop. Another press creates a 2-bar-loop. And so on. This of course can’t be undone, it’s ‘destructive’ so to speak. If pressing the double-button afterwards, only the now shortened loop can be doubled.

This is also musically interesting because by cutting in halve and multiplying again, totally new sounds/loops are created.

The built-in Ableton Live looper let’s you do this. Also the looping app LOOPY PRO for IOS offers this feature. I used it many times now and it offers a lot of creative possibilities. If you do not know what I mean (I’m not sure if I explained it well), please just have a look at the Ableton Live looper, it’s the x2 and ÷2 buttons.

My first question would be: is it even possible for the Aeros to do this on the fly or are its computing powers not enough?

And second: If it is possible, would you consider this feature?


Hey there,

We have done some light investigating and this is not likely easy to do if at all possible on the Aeros

We may spend more time on it or consider it for the future, whatever that may bring

Thanks for the request!

there is a sort of ability to do what i think you’re suggesting in 6x6. if you record a short loop and use that to define the tempo, for example, you can go to the next track and then record longer patterns in multiples (or divisions) of the original loop.

it might be possible to then have some sort of adjustable selection box on the grid which could be used to copy/paste/insert after or before a loop, or to set a new loop point track by track, or maybe even to bounce to another track (!). it would be functionally similar and/but even more powerful.