Downloaded song file works on BB manager but doesn't on the pedal

New to downloading song files! I downloaded a the song file “Aime” v1 and v2. I downloaded the zip file, expanded the files and imported them to my song list, the synchronized them to mini SD card. Both versions work on BB Manager but don’t when I try to use them in the peddle. What am I doing wrong?

By “don’t work,” do you mean:

  • they don’t show up on the pedal?
  • or they show up on the pedal but there’s no audio?
  1. Check that you have no larger than a 32Gb class 10 SDHC card (it comes from the factory in the right format).
  2. Make sure your SD card is not locked—check the slide shutter on the side of the card.
  3. Put the SD card in your computer SD slot reader (don’t connect the pedal to your computer via USB cable).
  4. Export your project from your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to your pedal and accept the prompt for future synchronization.

Read the user quick start guide.

Thanks for your reply, the song files do appear on the peddle, but there’s no audio.
I have several custom “sets” on this disk and all the songs play but the Amie v1 and v2.

Check that you have downloaded, unzipped, used the BBM to import and activate the custom drum set that the song calls for.

Check your pedal settings It should be set to Main Pedal/ Default Drum Set: Enable

will do, thanks