Downloaded songs from RESOURCES throw errors

About 5 of the downloaded songs from the Resources folder are throwing the above error.
Also, a number of the other songs downloaded don’t play at all. Parts of others play.

Make sure you have latest beatbuddy Manager version 1.50

Yup… already installed prior to these errors.

anyone got an answer here?

Sorry but I got no answers for you. The only thing I can think of is you are importing the songs into beatbuddy and not just copying the sng file to the sd card. I have a tutorial thread for user song here

I’m not copying the song files to the SD cards. I’m importing them into BB Manager. BB Manager shows all the songs that I imported. Some play just fine. Some don’t play all the parts and a number of them are throwing the error above. Why would BB Manager be looking for these imported songs or whatever from the file path listed when the Songs are not even located there?

Ok… I finally got the error to go away. It appears BB Manager does a poor job of importing a folder of songs. Once I imported the songs individually they work.