Downloaded Songs: How Do I Load 'Em in BBM?

Finally broke down and took advantage of the fantastic 20% off sale which, when applied to the individual songs list, makes this a no-brainer for me. Seriously, just do it.

But how do I load the songs up in BBM? I’ve never bought tunes before, and I’m anxious to see what the quality is like.



What form did they come in? Were they individual zip files for each song or did they bundle all of your individual songs into a pbf folder? Most likely the former…

I’m surprised they did not include instructions.

If individual files, and each one is zipped, unzip all the files into a single folder on your desktop
Create a new folder on your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and then import all of the songs. There was a time when the BBM app would allow you to select several songs and import them all at once.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to import each song individually using BBM File - Import - Song

Yep, individual zip files that include a song file and a subdirectory with the parts. I didn’t see any instructions, but I may have missed them. I’ll unpack and import them

Let us know if you are able to select multiple songs and import all of them in a single import.

Hopefully the next versions of the BBM make this and similar operations easy. Ideally it’s one click from point of download, but I’ll take whatever you have in the meantime.

I suspect most people at SS (and long time users) can no longer see how complicated, broken, and tedious this is.

I think SS does realize that their software lacks ease-of-use. As David Packouz mentioned in a different thread, they invested a large amount of money and effort on a developer to improve the GUI and to streamline the functionality. Regrettably, it did not pan out. Had it worked, premium content could have been bought and installed through the app in a single step. Since that failure, SS has never applied a dedicated and skilled programmer until just recently. Hard to say whether or not she’s making any progress as users don’t have anything to show for it yet.