Downloading SD default card file into BB Manager.

Hi. I am waiting for my BB to arrive and I downloaded the BB Manager and downloaded the default SD card info. The instructions say to go to File and Import Project. I do that but I can’t figure out how to import the SD card information. The default file opens into drum sets, songs, etc. How do I get to the file that is in the instructions?

Well, it may be unclear how to start, but in order to load downloaded SD card content into BBManager, you should use Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal.

I don’t have the SD card or the BB yet. I was following instructions after downloading the BB Manager if you don’t have a pedal. The file that is downloaded should be Default+BeatBuddy+content+(single+file)+with+all+drum+sets.bbz. After downloading the link, this file is not on my computer. This file is what I need to Import as a project at least according to the instructions. I’m stumped.

Check your browser settings on where you are downloading the file to. It should be there :slight_smile:

I have a computer service that does tutorials and he couldn’t find the file either. I guess I will have to wait for the delivery of my BB pedal. Thanks for trying.

Download it again and make a note of where it is saving it.

I know where the file is that I downloaded, but those files are not the one that is mentioned. My computer guy downloaded them again with no luck. There are no .bbz files in the download that was provided in the tutorial.

I think I know where you are going wrong and it is due to the instructions you are following. Basically you are downloading the wrong file - please read the following instructions taken from the Beatbuddy manager 1.33 page.


If you do NOT own a BeatBuddy: Download this file (325 MB). This contains all of the BeatBuddy’s default content.

  1. In the BB Manager click 'File > Import Single File Project

  1. Then select the file you downloaded (Name: Default+BeatBuddy+content+(single+file)+with+all+drum+sets.bbz)

NOTE: A Project is the collection of drum sets and songs (beats) that goes on your BeatBuddy’s SD Card. You can have only 1 Project per SD Card. You can save multiple Projects on your computer for use with the BB Manager. The BB Manager saves each project in its own folder.

  1. Now the BB Manager will ask you to name this new Project that you are importing into it. Name the Project and click ‘Save’.
    You now have all of the Default Content in the BB Manager! For a tutorial of how to use it, please click here.

I’m pretty sure this is the instructions I’ve been following but I will try it again this morning. I thank you guys for trying to help me out. Randy

Today it worked. Thanks

Great :slight_smile: The SD card backup is different to the download within the instructions which I believe is @DavidPackouz own Beatbuddy project file hence it has some more songs on it which he used in various demos.

After a short learning curve I am making headway to putting my 400 covers into the software. If I mess up on a song how do I delete it from my set folder? I tried deleting folder from the Tools menu but it deleted all my songs that I had done. When I get my Beat Buddy and SD card do I use the sync feature to load the card? Does anyone know if someone on this forum has their song list posted with their beats online? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel and it would be interesting to see what beats other players use. Randy

You can delete a song by pressing X sign in the upper-right corner of the song line in the main part of BBManager.

To delete one song part - press internal X button next to that song part.
To delete entire song - press outer-most X.

Hi Randy. I have all my beats in a thread here[/URL] [/B]and someone has also set up a website [B][URL=‘’]Beatbuddytools as well and you can do a search of the site to see if someone has made a song.

Thanks so much