Downloading the new premium library content

I bought the beat buddy premium library content by December, I received a link on my email every month with the updated library to download, but I stopped receiving the mail link,
when I log in My BEATBUDDY PREMIUM LIBRARY CONTENT, under my account, I can see for download a fill Drum kits and some music that I bought before I bought the premium library content .
should the premium library content appear there to downloads?
I am trying to get the 3 last updates and I can’t get the download link to get it, any help?

Try e-mailing

I ran into something similar. I had purchased a couple of drum sets and music, then I bought the whole package. The individual stuff was showing up in my on-line account to download, but the whole package wasn’t there. I just e-mailed them and they took care of it.

I got the crew fixed my account, now I can download on my library content
Thank you


Just ordered the Premium content sd card.
How do you all like it?