Im very new to BB and how it works. I only registered yesterday. However, today ive tried downloaded beats from links on the forum or from links in the Song Matching tool. But I always get a message saying This Attachment Cannot Be Shown At This Time.

Is iy something Im doing?


Would it worthwhile purging/deleting all the links/posts that don’t work. They serve no useful purpose other than creating frustration for new folks that are trying to find new content.

Great idea. I’ll see if Support @BeatBuddy Support and the web admin can come up with a way of batch deleting song resources added to the forum before Thanksgiving 2017. I don’t know what the full ramifications are from removing orphaned songs.

Although I’m willing to remove my old songs, there are simply too many songs for a one-by-one deletion project. Also, there are users @rknrne that have left their old orphaned songs in place and use them as placeholders for new users to request a reposting.

After initial testing, this may not work for those that bothered to re-upload their songs as updates to their original post to Resources (Phil Flood and myself). If the original post is deleted, it removes the update with the re-upload. Even if the update could be excluded from the batch process, it would remove the comments portion of the post that has information about the songs.

Maybe it would be a partial solution for users that opted not to post re-uploads based as updates to their original.

I do see the logic in deleting all the defunct links being that if up until now they have not been restored by the original uploaders, they may never be. I forwarded this thread to our webmaster, awaiting his response to see if there is a way we can collectively delete all dead links without risking the live ones.

The webmaster responded that there really is no way to batch delete dead links, unfortunately. For now they would all have to be deleted manually, one by one.

I can’t upload any content to this page anymore,
whether it’s new to resources or req. for songs on that page, or to private messages,
so my files are in limbo on this this side . delete away.
It may be my FFox browser or Win7 . (but I can only dl content)

Perhaps Support can have the web admin look into your permissions settings.