Drag and drop song parts in Manager software

I just got my pedal and have been going through the process of making/revising songs, etc. One thing that frustrates me is having to go through hoops to get parts for a song if I would like to make changes. A simple solution it seems, would be the ability to right-click on a event that you would like to use in another song, to copy it, and then be able to paste it in the new song. Drag and drop copy would be good too. Most pieces I would like to use are in the same genre/category (sorry- still learning your terminology) but perhaps in another song that I can see in the lines above… Make sense? ie- I have exported then imported a song into my set list folder; I see it along with my other songs in the folder on the right; I would like to change the pasted song’s intro with the intro from the song above it… I hope I haven’t duplicated someone else’s question or request. Thanks!

Yes this has been suggested before however not I don’t think as a seperate request. Drag and drop is in the pipeline including a much simpler and intuitive work flow. Unfortunately this may take some time to implement and release.

Thanks for the speedy reply- I’m watching your videos as I write, hoping to gleen more knowledge from them!

Well, this features are already implemented for the Mac beta version! We should just wait for the official version. These changes will be in Windows version as well.

I have also a Windows beta version - works only on 64-bit machines, doesn’t work on WinXP :frowning: - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9LXvRHhc7bHWl9EXzNEUlM5LWs

BBManager itself comes without an installer, and you will need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Runtime (included in the package - vc_redist). If I am not mistaken, there was a thread somewhere on the forum about this version…

Well with you on the case - it probably won’t take long :stuck_out_tongue:

For feedback purposes, tried the Windows 64-Bit Beta Version on my Windows 8.1 laptop. I also copied my Workspace in the same directory. It loads properly, with all my songs, etc…but crashes as soon as I try to make it play a song.
PS Would be happy to do some Beta testing on this version if you have any suggestions to get it up and running.
Looking forward the the drag & drop feature.