Drag from EZDrummer to BB

I am working on a MAC. I am building a BB song and I have been “dragging and dropping” parts created in EZDrummer into this “song”. If I am using something from the BB library they parts come across fine. When I create a part and drag it across the midi mapping is incorrect.

I did reassign some pads on my AKAI LPD8 to make the tapping more convenient. Other than that I’m not sure why this happens or how to correct.


I get a message that the page is missing or doesn’t exist when I follow that link.

Try this one:

Here are the Resources referenced:

Toontrack.zip (132.0 KB)

MIDI Maps.zip (453.8 KB)

I do find it odd though, that I can drag the beats that are from the BB library and they seem to be mapped fine. It’s just the beats I created myself tapping that are incorrectly mapped…

I have Reason, and will take another stab at moving individual beats (ie snare, Bass) to proper midi channel. I’ve wrestled with this before, lots of work.

The BB Library beats are already mapped to the General Midi standard for the kit pieces that they use. Ez Drummer uses mapping the goes beyond those locations. So, from BB to EZ drummer should work. From EZ to BB, no, you’ll have issue.

It occurs to me that the beats I drug across were actually from Groove Monkee and they do guarantee that they are “turn key” so to speak. I’ll begin study of the midi references you provided.

Why don´t you generate drumset clones with changed midi-mapping instead of changing all midi files?

My plan (using logic) is to create drumset clones with fixed midi channel mapping. Then-whatever I create in logic will simply work.
Is this not working for EZ drummer too?

You could share those drm s here and the work is half.


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Not sure how the create a “drumset clone”.