DRiVE MY CAR/WHAT YOU'RE DOING/THE WORD Medley a la Cirque du Soleil Beatles "LOVE" Vegas Show (OPB)

Got back from Vegas a few days ago and had a chance to see the Cirque Beatle LOVE show (see it if you get a chance). Near the beginning of the show, there is a short 1:25 medley of three songs. I decided to try it on the BB pedal and flesh it out a bit (now runs 5:35 inc. fade-out), play with the transitions etc to make it pedal worthy. Had to play with McCartney’s bassline in a few places, but overall it works well. Ringo’s drums are now “very slightly” behind the beat where they belong… and a few other things to make it work.

The three songs are:
Drive my car
What You’re Doing
The Word

The enclosed PDF has everything in it you might need, describing the transitions, when to come in with singing etc. I’ve tried it with a few people and it was well rec’d, so have fun.

One more thing, let me know what you think as I’m thinking of reworking the Abbey Road medley that I posted years ago.


Have Fun!
–Phil (not Flood)

BEATLES (138.2 KB)
Drive My CAR_What Youre Doing_The Word_ Medley.pdf (111.5 KB)

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That is awesome Phil. I know where my next couple of hours are going now. The Vegas show is terrific as is the Love album. Pure genius. Thanks very much for putting this together.

Really glad you like it. I’ve been a fan since ‘63 when I first heard them!
Doing this medley was just fun! Just make sure you follow the pdf, listen through it a few times.

Gonna listen to this for sure Phil…Big Beatles fan here…I already play the flipside of Abbey Road without drums and will probably end up doing all the drum parts as well…Thanks for your post!!!