Driven to tears The Police

With bass and drumset include bass 0-31 (this drumset is make with EzBass and EzDrummer)
Driven_to_tears.sng (18.6 KB)

Download drumset here :

First off - great job! These have been on my lists of things to do for quite some time, but as I get older and my possibility of singing in Sting’s range decreases, I find that there is less urgency to getting them done. I appreciate the efforts you are making with these great songs.

One production tip - When you place an OPB song with its body in the main loop, it’s a good idea to leave some blank measures, after the song is done, so that the user has time to stop it before it starts looping over. I do this by putting a velocity 1 note in an unused location in the midi part, and extending it to the end of the last measure. By making sure that the note goes to the end of the last measure, you will ensure that the BB starts the song right at measure 1, beat 1, and your visual metronome will line up correctly with your beats.

Take at look at what I did to the very end of your song:

driven with time at the (6.2 KB)

Thanks again, and keep up the great submissions.

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Thanks for the remark ! I will include it in my next uploads… Thanks again !

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