Driving headphones‽ No

Just to put it out there and to drive the final nail in this coffin, I thought that, maybe, it could drive a pair tight fitting in-ear headphones… but no, not even close. I know it is not made for driving headphones, but some outputs can be used as headphones output (in the spirit of survivalism of course) and it is not the case for the Aeros.

Yeah, it’s a shame there’s not a good headphone amp in this device.

A looper at the end of your audio chain is the logical place for headphones … and I suspect the majority of people who use loopers often use them with headphone.

Odd thing is the BB has a headphone amp. It’s OK, but not so great, and the ones listed below drive my Senn HD 6xx (300 ohm) headphones much better.

I put a small mixer at the end of my pedalboard (which also gives me easy control over BB volume and aux in) … that can drive headphones (as well as powered monitors or the FX return of an amp).

Rolls Mini-Mix VI:

A small headphone only amp would work, but doesn’t provide any other features. I’ve used a battery powered “FiiO A3” on another looper.

Somewhat of a hassle to need a seperate headphone amp.

Perhaps a next gen Aeros Mk II come with a quality headphone amp (and an extra button or two … and an integrated BB).