Dropbox - I'm now a big fan

I hadn’t really ever used Dropbox until I got on here and found it was the only way to get Drumsets shared, and was the only reasonable way to retrieve files that the Forum deemed to be too large.

I had not tried it with UnRealBook before today, as I always just hooked the ipad up to the Mac and went though the importing process in iTunes. Today, I decided to load my new PDF files into UnRealBook using Dropbox. Wow - that was so, so, so much easier. And, it lets me create an immediate set list with the new stuff.

If I wind up with too much in Dropbox, and I have to pay for account, I will deem that to be money well spent.

Phil, if you have things to share with others on dropbox and they join through you, you will get extra storage for everyone who joins.


Agree wholeheartedly on both DropBox and UnRealBook. We have used UnReal for a few years on gigs and couldn’t work without it. Straight forward flawless software. The person behind the effort (Aron Nelson) is prompt with any questions. We don’t use all of the features but crafting song lyrics and chords in Word then saving a copy as .pdf for Dropbox allows us to edit continuously, stay current then sketch rehearsal notes with a pen on the iPad as needed individually. The ‘transmogrify’ button is a very cool feature is we use to play 10-15 sec audio captures to flavor songs with intros we couldn’t do otherwise - Crazy Train, Breathe & Time.