I am looking at this premium content pack and trying to figure out exactly what is so different special about it:

Here is the description:
Hear the drum & bass beats that came with your pedal the way they are supposed to sound! We created this drum set in the same way bass&drum producers have been doing for many years.

This high-pitched kit can also be used with other styles of beats for interesting results.
Can anybody provide more specifics? What set is it based off of, why is it different than what is included already? Is it a better Bass component than the user made one?

Any details would be appreciated.


If I am not mistaken, it came first. Then users began to develop their own different kits. Singular does use very good multiple samples per velocity range on their drums. However, the kit is mapped with drums in the midi 63 through 91 range, which, to me and me only, makes absolutely no good sense, when there is plenty of space available below at normal General Midi mapping at 0 through 31.

Thanks. I think I will just pick up the Ludwig and the Standard Pro kits right now, or maybe even only the Ludwig. Just got my beatbuddy and downloading all the user kits so I probably have more than I really need at this time. I noticed the original BB Standard Kit was recorded from a Yamaha Recording Custom birch kit - I actually own that kit from the 90s (Same color even as Goran’s but the power version which has a bigger bass(24") and more tom depth), so its the tone I am most familiar with.

Do you have any experience with the standard pro kit, as I am curious how different it is - must be brighter being birch.

I like the standard pro kit. To me, it has a richer sound overall. And, if you get it, Phil has a Standard Pro with Bass kit that you can ask him to link you to. He only gives it to those who purchase the Standard Pro kit. Many of the “with bass” or OPB songs were done for the Standard Pro with Bass kit.