This is a newbie question. When a song is listed as “drum + bass”, is that referring to the bass guitar? If so, why can’t I ever hear it? I’m just using the BB, no midi or additional gadgets. Actually, right now I’m just using the BB manager on my mac, and running it through my Bose Home Speaker, if that matters at all in relation to my question.

If there is a way to hear the bass line, can someone explain it to me please? Thank you.

You need to download and install the drumkit recommended for the song. The kits with bass are user created kits and can usually be found in the REsources>Drumkits sections of the Forum.


To install drumkit. Download the .drm file for the kit. It may need to be unzipped. Then, from within BB Manager, it’s File>Import>Drumkit. You will then need to find the kit at the bottom of the drumkits list in BB Manager, and check the box in front of its name., This makes the kit available for songs in your project.

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Ah, ok. Thanks Phil!

If I recall, the D+B is referring to a style of music, not that it contains bass notes. The best kit is the Dance one.