Drum beats from another drum machine

Any one give some clue on how to remove drum beats off a different drum machine. In other words what is the process? I need some drum beats off my old drum box to be used in the BB.

Use a MIDI recorder tool on your 'puter. Play the drum machine onto your 'puter and record the MIDI events. Save it as a MIDI file. Import the MIDI as a song.

What MIDI tool do you suggest for a rookie?

There are many. You can do a Google search for “free midi recorder”. You can also try this one which is open source (and free of course) from SourceForge.net:


Would it be possible to record it to wav. then convert it to MIDI?

Wave to midi doesn’t work very well. What type of beats are you trying to load? What is the drum machine that you want the beats from?
As a alternative there’s tons of drum midi files on the web. But in the end you need MIDI files. Good luck.

I have several beats that I want off my Roland DR-77O.
I have tried several of the software,s Anval, Midi editior, the issue is I cant get the software to see the drum machine to record what I need.
I go to settings and it sees my midi to usb adapter, but that is as far as it gets.

I don’t know the details of your configuration, but check the documentation for your MIDI recorder and your DR-770 and look for what you need to do to set the “MIDI mode” on your DR-770 to “transmit” and your editor to “receive” from your adapter.

As Gabriel V said in his post you have to get your hardware to talk to your software.

I import midi loops into my BeatBuddy by first creating them in my DAW by recording or importing them. I use Cakewalk Platinum but any DAW will work. You need to record Midi from your DR-770 to a midi track in your DAW . Then you have to create loops for each part you create such as. intro, verse, and so on you can do that in a loop editor most DAWs have them. Once your happy with them and there saved as midi files you can now import them into the BeatBuddy Manager Software. A bit of effort but worth it.

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¿Sería posible grabar a wav. luego convertirlo a MIDI? [/ quote]

No Es Posible convertir archivo WAV un midi, peor SI DESEAS se convertira del archivo wav un mp3, Si Es Posible y lo unico que hace? Es comprimir Saludos.