Drum don't always play?


I select a beat, but when I hit the master foot petal the screen indicated it’s playing but there is no output.
I have only twice gotten it playing the drums from the out into my amp. Seems to be a certain sequence to get the signal outputted once the pattern loads up. I need exact direction. I have the foot switch ,

I’m frustrated.


This may happen when you select a song with a different drum set.

While the new drum set is loading (you will see the progress bar shown on the BeatBuddy display) - some or all drum notes will not sound at all. This actually “fixes” itself when drumset loading is complete.

Are you sure this is not your case? If not, please report full steps for how to reproduce the problem.


Some songs (especially Latin) only work on their default drum set. So if you changed the drum set it wouldn’t work.

Obviously, also make sure all of your cables are plugged in properly and that the volume is turned up.


something to try… take the SD card out, and put it back in. I had a similar issue where it wouldn’t start playing at all, reseated the sd card and all is good.


Must of had an issue with the drum selection and the loading. I switched from Standard to Rock, and once that loaded, the selected pattern played. Perhaps there was no drum set loaded. It had been working just fine, stopped again then worked then stopped, until a drum set was loaded. I’ll keep an eye on the drum loading, from now on. That was the very first day i got it, I need some of the beginners luck with gagets. Now I’d like to ask another question, new topic . TY Dusty