Drum Drops & Wav Header Code

Hi all, newbie here but I thought I might share a bit of recent experience so that it might be helpful to others…

I’ve just purchased a BB and jumped straight into purchasing additional drum kit samples from Drum Drops following the Groove Monkey tutorial.

I built these lovely kits based on 3 velocity regions & 2 or 3 samples in each for each instrument but when I tried to play it back there was no sound. Nothing, nada, silence…

So - and you’ll all know this - the issue is that Drum Drops samples have additional header code in the Wavs and BB doesn’t like it.

A solution, mentioned a few times here in the forum, is to use the Tag Stripper utility - except that’s a Mac program and I use a Windows PC.

So, and this is the main point of the post, I was able to sort it by running the Wavs through a little batch sound file converter program called Switch - basically re-saving the Wavs on top of themselves and within the original file/folder structure and then re-linking the Drumset Maker instruments to the newly processed samples.

So, in summary:

  • if your new kit isn’t working, check the Wav files for the additional header code
  • Drum Drops samples definitely include this code and, out of the box, won’t work in BB
  • fix it with Tag Stripper if you have a Mac, but using Switch Audio File Converter if you’re on Windows.

Hopefully that all saves some other poor souls the 2 days it took me to work it all out, lol…

Cheers all, Russ


I’ve recommended Switch many times. I use it on Mac. Works great. In fact, if you have a Mac and create Wav files in Logic, you will need a tag stripper of some sort. Switch has many other uses, too. One of the best features is that it can normalize to a target level.

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