Drum kit comparison

is there a list that will compare drum kits with each other to see what would work, example the song calls for a NP ludwig bass can you use the np standard bass
hope this makes sense

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It makes sense. When I first started transcribing songs, I worked up a spreadsheet and I think I posted it to the forum. It laid out which drum instruments were used in each kit along with their MIDI ID numbers. Back then most of the OPB kits had the bass guitar notes in the 63-91 range but along came the newer customized kits from Phil_Flood in the 0-31 range. This made life much simpler for me and I stopped working on my spreadsheet. If I can find it, I’ll post it or link to it.

To answer your questions though, not all of the kits are interchangeable and you have 2 methods to compare the kits. You can use your ears and you’ll hear some of the differences but you may not be able to tell if any drum instruments are missing. The other method is to open the song section in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor and examine the song with the kit that was suggested for the song; you can then change the drum set and make your comparison.

Usually the songs made with the NP Standard Pro Bass kit will not be interchangeable with the NP Ludwig Bass but if they’re made using the Ludwig, they might work with the Standard Pro bass kits.

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