Drum kit for Mac users.

Hi Beat Buddy,
I am new to Beat Buddy and for this forum. I am enjoing using BB and wanted to explor the modifications. I watched all the Videos by Jonathon on BB manager and esp. watched few times his three videos on drum kits on BB manager.
I tried following his instruction and have down loaded few kits from this forum created by othe rusers but my mac does not open the down loaded drum kit files. It says “Unix executable file”. Don’t know from here on what to do.


The downloaded drum kit files (.DRM file extension) are not supposed to be opened directly.

You need to use BBManager - Import - Export > Import Drum Set.

I don’t have a Mac but from what I have googled it basically means that your Mac does not know what to do with the file. First check if it has the file extention “.drm” if it does ensure you are importing the file into the BB manager not just double clicking on the file.

Daef beat me to it but sounds like I was on the right track :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you were correct :slight_smile:

Hello from Paris - France
I just love my Beat Buddy!!!
There is something that I dont like at all with the Beat Buddy Manager, every time I open it , I get a BBmanager file on the desktop!
How can change this? I always keep the desktop free from anything. I won’t use it as long as this will happen!