Drum kit limit?

Other than size of the SD card, is there a limit to the number of drum kits that can be installed in the BB?

I’ve had >20 kits loaded of which a dozen were a mix of bass and NP. The only issue seemed to be the time it took to sync the project to the SD card and occasionally the time it took to switch between songs with different kits on the pedal.

my BB pedal 32 gig sd card seems to be holding it’s own w all the sng’s & drum kits I’ve dl’d.
My desktop HD on the other hand from saving ‘projects’ in the BB mgr, added another 50 gigs of info I wasn’t using anymore.
I’ve deleted about 100+ gigs from projects I’ve saved to my my HD in the last year … (mostly edits & mgr software updates )
When I remove the projects files,( not the one I’m currently using) BB mgr seems to open a bit faster. :wink:
(thanks to Persist for advising me it wouldn’t cause any harm removing old saved files) :wink:

Thanks. I was concerned that there might be an upper limit of 100 or 128 like for folders or songs.