Drum Kit with Chains and Other Stuff

See 1:22

I also envision a drum kit with a hammer hitting a railroad spike at the beginning of a song for songs like John Henry and Jimpson’s No More My Lord.

There is a kit that was made for the Sting/Clapton song, It’s Probably Me. It has a chain sound in it. It’s called something-IPM. Anyhow, what else would you want in the kit? I am planning on making a proper djembe kit, with cymbals based on a monkey stick/lagerphone that I acquired a long time ago. I was also going to add a Khazak tambourine, and some finger cymbals. The chain could add an interesting element. I was trying to kept it to things a coffee house percussionist might have on hand.

The percussionist in the Robert Plant video I posted has a lot of different items he’s using, but yeah that all sounds great. If I have any other brilliant ideas I’ll let you know : )

Maybe if you created a version of Satan, Your Kingdom must come down and John Henry, this would all come together…

Hmmmmmm ------ I was thinking that the spike strike could be simulated with the finger cymbals struck then grabbed. If I was anywhere near LA, I’d hunt down a Foley artist and get some really great stuff. As it is, I have a decent collection of hand drummer gear, as my son played bongos, congas + a whole bunch more when we had a band.

I’ll look into doing the songs. John Henry should be relatively easy. I must have several versions of it in my blues collection.

Check out the Coffee House percussion kit that I just posted.

Can’t wait! Also, I realized I need to update my firmware so that all the additional instruments are properly represented on the kits with bass and with keys, etc.