Drum kits with guitars?

Persist mentioned (in another section) that were were kits with strat and tele guitars…can anyone point them out please as a search (for strat and tele) revealed nothing.


Maybe this category will help: https://forum.singularsound.com/c/resources/drum-sets

You might want to be selective if you ask PF to repost one of his several Tele kits which he’s taken offline:

thanks I did look there (resources drum sets), I was though trying for guitar only kits, but I will have a look at those you pointed out.

Hi, I imported the song and the drum kit (and ticked the drum kit box). I can hear the bass and basic beat, but how do I activate the organ//guitars that are in the midi map. Apologies for a noob question. Thanks

What is the song you are trying to play and what is the kit that the song was created to use?

Hi - Break on through by the doors , posted by Phil Flood. It references the Heisenburg kit which is what I downloaded. Thanks

Thanks. I just tested the file and kit and I think I see what the issue might be; I was able to replicate your symptoms of “no guitar and organ.” I’m including a screen shot for what I did to get it playing properly. If yours matches mine, it should work. You might have to click on the image to get it to display properly.

I had to change the Drumset at the top of the screen to Heisenberg strat and Hi Organ to get the song using the correct kit. You could probably get the kit to load and play properly by quitting and then re-launching the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) but I didn’t try that.