Drum Machine Patterns - René-Pierre Bardet

An implementation of the beats listed in the book Drum Machine Patterns by René-Pierre Bardet (ca. 1986).
Rock.pbf (4.5 KB)
Funk.pbf (11.7 KB)
Rhythm & Blues.pbf (4.8 KB)
Ballad.pbf (4.6 KB)
Pop.pbf (4.4 KB)
Reggae.pbf (4.5 KB)
Disco.pbf (4.8 KB)
Afro-Cuban.pbf (4.6 KB)
Blues.pbf (2.5 KB)
Swing.pbf (3.1 KB)
Shuffle.pbf (2.4 KB)
Samba.pbf (3.4 KB)
Bossa Nova.pbf (2.5 KB)
Cha-Cha.pbf (1.7 KB)
Twist.pbf (2.4 KB)
Ska.pbf (1.7 KB)
Endings.pbf (1.6 KB)


Thanks for this great work. It will help me understand better the BB drum creation process. I see a lot of really good OPB etc, however, your files should help me a lot with beat selection and use.

Do you recommend any one specific drum kit to cover these files? Apologies if that’s a big ask.

Kind regards


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Hi Carl thanks for your kind words.

The beats are simple enough and would think sound ok with most if not all of the default kits. If I recall correctly, I set the default as rock kit for the rock beats and standard for the rest.

I would be interested to know how you get on with them!


I’ve loaded these and finding them very usable, particularly Disco, Ballad and the Rhythm & Blues. I didn’t appreciate each folder has 4 or 5 songs so plenty to work with. Not having intros or transitions is also great in this instance.

I play solo chords melody so these beats will be really a great add.

Thank you again.

Kind regards


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I’m glad that they’re working for you.

How can I used in Beatbuddy ?

The songs are in pbf (folder) format. To get them on your Beat Buddy use the Beat Buddy Manager or the Loader software.

From page 13 of the Beat Buddy Manager User Guide


Step 2: From within the BBManager, select the menu option File >
Import > Folder - A window will pop up asking you to navigate to the
PBF file’s location, navigate to it, click on the PBF file to select it, and
select ‘open’. This will import a folder/setlist on the left side of your

Or if you’re using the Loader software, from page 10 the Loader manual:

Import Folder
To import a collection (folder) as a new folder in the project, press ‘Add File’. Select
one or multiple folders to add to the project.
Note: Make sure when looking for a file you have the right type of file selected in the
system browser pop up.
To avoid the song being added using the default Drum Set, please make sure the
Drum Set has already been imported into the project (read more about Drum Sets on
If a song is imported and the Drum Set is not found, the name of the Drum Set will
have an asterisk on it. The song will use an existing default Drum Set instead.
You can also drag and drop folder (.pbf) files, zipped folder files, or collections into
the project.

The manuals are available on Singular Sounds support page Support.

It was 37 years ago I bought the René-Pierre Bardet 260 Drum Machine Pattern book. I still have it and the Roland TR505 which was the reason I bought the book.
1987 – René-Pierre Bardet 260 Drum Machine Pattern book - $9.95
1987 - Roland TR505 - $299
2017 - Singular Sound Beat Buddy - $264.83

Thanks for the PBF files!!! :smiley:

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