Drum-Parts and more for "vom selben Stern"

Hello all.
I am looking for a suitable drum part for the following song. Possibly a bassline would also be quite good.
Unfortunately, I have found no suitable MIDI file on the Internet and also no suitable drum part in the entire drum kits, which I have available.

I would be very grateful for any help.

Vom selben Stern - ich + ich.zip (6.2 MB)

You’re right. This is difficult to find. About all I could find was some commercial sources. If you decide to buy the MIDI source file, attach it to a DM to me and I’ll work it up.

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Hello all.
Once again I :slight_smile:
I know I can be annoying with my questions and problems.
Unfortunately I could not solve my problem with the MIDI file, but I did something else:
I found a karaoke file and filtered out all the other instruments so that only bass and drums were left.
Then I tried to extract a MIDI file from this file. But that went quite thoroughly wrong.
Maybe someone here knows a way how to convert WAV to MIDI cleanly.
I have attached the WAV- file, maybe someone knows something.
Thanks for help and advice.

Vom selben Stern only Bass and Drums.zip (75.3 MB)

I now have one—press drums. I’ll post next week.

try searching the forum for converting mp3 or wav files to MIDI



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Hello Persist.
Thank you for the message.
Of course I would be very happy if you found something useful.
I have already tried several WAV or MP3 to MIDI converters.
But there was no usable result with any of them.
When I called the converted MIDI files in Reaper and then switched to edit mode, the whole screen was full of “barcodes” i.e. MIDI messages and it was completely messed up. I’d rather not talk about the sounds that Reaper produced :slight_smile:
Thank you again for taking the trouble

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