Drum Request: Thick Rock Kit

This is more of a suggestion then an actually request but I think a thick/fat rock kit, with a snare that doesn’t have a prominent reverb on It, could be a cool idea.

I noticed that the Ludwig is the only real reverb free kit but that snare is not fat at all (not complaining just stating).

Just think it would be nice to have a kit with a thick kick, fat snare, clear hats and cymbals, and all without reverb (well maybe a little is OK but not so much that you really hear it)

Again just a suggestion.

The Vintage Ludwig Kit is the ONLY one I can use. Way too much processing and reverb on every other kit for my taste. The snare is bit abrupt and machine gun sounding but it’s not offensive in any way. I noticed some of the the members have swapped in wav files of sounds they like so maybe you could figure that out if you’re happy with the rest of the kit…