Drum Sequencer + Beatbuddy + Looper

Here I’m building beats live on the beatbuddy using a drum sequencer and syncing changes with my looper. What do you guys think?


Interesting. So you’re using the BeatBuddy as a MIDI sound device that you’re controlling with the small keyboard on your right, while it’s actively playing a beat? Or is the high hat keeping time coming from another source? Is the BB feeding into the looper? What looper are you using? So many questions. hahaha

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Hey Matt. Yes, the beat buddy is being used as a sound device and to play fills. I’m controlling it with the Arturia Beatstep Pro, which is a midi sequencer that I’m using like a midi looper. I enter the a measure or two of beats into the Beatstep Pro which loops it while triggering the Beatbuddy to play the sounds. The sequencer can’t really generate fills, so I send cc112 to the Beatbuddy to have it play a fill.

This is all midi synced to the Boss RC505 looper as master.

The high hat is what I initially load the Beatstep pro with, to use as a metronome. Then after I record the verse loop and the chorus loop on the RC505, I go back and enter the drums manually into the Beatstep Pro for the verse and the chorus. At this point, I can switch between the song sections in the RC505 and Beatstep pro anytime before the downbeat of the next measure, and it will immediately play a fill on the Beatbuddy, and wait until the downbeat of the next measure to actually switch song parts on the RC505 and Beatstep Pro.

Ask away–this stuff is fun to talk about!

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Hi @JaredSmythe, hope u still there and the invitation still stands - I am thinkin of building a similar rig - but am a newcomer on midi sequencing - My q: (note: i do not intend to loop on stage - just use prerecorded background parts while playing guitar)

  • is it possible to program multiple (>2) song sections this way?
  • Can the beatstep pro send 2 different tracks to 2 sound modules? (BB and a keyboard)
  • Can the beatstep pro receive midi master controls (like: select song, start /stop song, next song section etc…)
  • How many songs can be stored in mem?
    Would be happy with some advise…

Yes, but I don’t have the BSP anymore, so I don’t know the exact amount of song parts, but it was at least 4.

Yes, each track on the BSP can be sent to different channels, so if you used a midi Y cable and set each device to the right midi channel, this would work.

Yes, the BSP can accept all those messages, but you’d have to read the documentation for the specific midi messages required.

Sorry, I don’t remember how many songs you can store.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.