drum set creation for third party samples --- help for a bli


Hi folks,

I’m wondering if anyone has purchased samples from Analog Drums, specifically anything from the Tape One Series. I am going to purchase them because I really want the “Split Sticks” set or the “Pop Sticks.” Anyway, since the BB manager software is still inaccessible to those of us who use screen reading software because we cannot see the screen, I’m wondering if anyone has created BB drum sets for these samples.

I am not asking for free third party samples. I am willing to provide proof that I have purchased them, I just cannot create the BB drum set on my own, so, if someone else has created it with these sets, I’d sure appreciate getting a copy of it, AFTER I provide my proof of purchase.

FYI, the “Split Sticks” set is a smallish drum kit played with “hot rods” which sounds some where between brushes and sticks. It’ll be GREAT for my acoustic performances, and worship leading. Others might find it useful also along with the other great BB content.

If you can help, please let me know.