Drum set names and managment

After using BB for a number of years, I find that I have many drums sets with the original name and a number in parentheses following it. For example Rock with Bass, Rock with Bass (1), Rock with Bass (2), even Rock with Bass (1)(2). So… what is causing this? are they all the same set? Can I safely delete them to get to one version of each set? Using Version 1.65 on Windows 10.

Not knowing what you did to get to this state, I’m merely guessing that you probably have several copies of the same drum set in your project. This could have happened from trying to rename the kits or importing the same drum set multiple times.

You can delete the duplicates with numbers in parentheses. Some of your songs may have been using those duplicate sets so you might have to replace any Rock with Bass (x) kits that appear in the Default Drum Set: name with an asterisk i.e., * Rock with Bass (x).


Thanks, I’ll give that a try – makes sense.