Drum Set Naming and versions

I want to add Ludwig Vintage 2.0. I have the original Ludwig Vintage installed, named “Ludwig Vintage”, and Ludwig Vintage 1.1 named “Ludwig Vintage 1.1”. Now I understand the version numbers have gone away. So when I import Ludwig Vintage 2.0, nothing seems to happen. The .drm file ends up in the drum_sets folder, but I don’t see a third Vintage Ludwig set in BBM, and the “Vintage Ludwig” set is still the old one (no cowbell!!)

I’m confused. I’m fine with not having the old version. So what do I do? And what if I still wanted the original 2 versions (or are all of the updates for all the different sets “non-destructive”)?


See the above tutorial for an explanation of how to change the name of a drumkit. Then, change the name of your current original Ludwig kit to Ludwig 1.0 or Ludwig original, whatever you prefer. After that, go ahead and use the conventional import process to get the Ludwig 2.0 kit into the system. As you noted, it will not have 2.0 in its name. You could then follow the tutorial process to add the 2.0 to that kit, and change the old original name back to just Ludwig.

This is a limitation that BB Manager has, which keeps you from adding a second kit with the exact same name to your BB.