Drum Sets - How many?

I’ve searched for an answer to this but can’t find one. How many drum sets can you have on the BeatBuddy at any one time. I currently have 26 (i add different instruments) but sometimes I can’t import new sets, even by deleting several.

I’ve had 32 drum sets active in the BBM with no signs of the software preventing my having more. Also had 6 or 7 folders each with 99 songs in the same project as the 32 kits. This really slowed the performance down on the BBM so I try to keep the number of drum sets active down to a dozen.

Make sure your kits are no larger than 100Mb. If you are deleting kits and cannot import new ones, try saving and then quitting the BBM and then launching the BBM to see if that makes a difference in your ability to import new kits.

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I tend to strip out too many variations of sounds so none of my customised drum sets are near 100%. They’d be a MIDI pureists nightmare as well. Have tried logging out and rebooting PC. Sometimes it works, but usually not.