Drum Sets keep becoming un-checked in BeatBuddy Manager

I’m having a problem where the check mark beside most of the drum sets in BeatBuddy manager keep removing themselves, and my drum sets are not included in the project and can’t be used. I tried deleting all of the drum sets, re-importing them, and re-checking them, but they still come unchecked automatically. I’m using Mac Big Sur 11.6.

It seems like there are many odd things happening with BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) running under Big Sur. I think these issues are only going to continue multiplying under Big Sur or under Monterey when it’s released this fall.

I am guessing that there are either permission problems between the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and your bbworkspace folder or some of your folders are affected by the nested folders issue affecting users that create or edit their drum sets—just my SWAG, though :grinning:

Try this;

  1. Make sure you have a good backup of your project;
  2. Download and unzip Default Content 2.1 backup bbworkspace folder (BBW;)
  3. Delete the BBW from your computer
  4. Select all the contents on your SD card and delete and then Empty Trash;
  5. Drag the BBW backup you just unzipped to your user/documents folder;
  6. Use the BBM - File - Open Project to open the project you backed up;
  7. Export project to your SD card;
  8. Test.

If this does not help, you can either PM me or contact support@singularsound.com

In fact, I’d really like to suggest you allow Jay or myself to remote into your computer to see firsthand what’s going on.

Thank you for your quick and helpful reply! I’m happy to say that I got it working again. I think it had to do with the nested file issue, because I frequently edit drum sets. Every time I deleted and re-installed BeatBuddy Manager, it kept finding the old wokspace folder, and it would not let me use the drum sets in my project. (It kept un-checking them). I solved the problem using the following method:

  • File > New Project
  • New Folder (give the new project folder a name)
  • Save as (enter a new project file name)
  • I now have a blank project, but all of my drums sets still show under “Drum Sets”. All of my drum sets are now able to be checked, and stay checked this time.
  • My songs are no longer in the BeatBuddy Manager, so I copied all files and folders from the OLD project folder, and pasted them in to the NEW project folder that I just created (making sure to “Replace All”)
  • Closed BeatBuddy Manager and re-opened. All of my songs are there, and work perfectly with my drum sets again.

This may not be the best solution, but it certainly worked well for me. I should mention that I’ve been using BeatBuddy Manager with Big Sur for quite a while, with no problems. However, just recently I started getting the message that BeatBuddy Manager could not be opened for security reasons. Following someone else’s advice, I right-clicked on the BeatBuddy Manager application, clicked “Get Info”, and then selected “Override Malware Protection”, and then it opened just fine. I had already been experiencing the drum set problem before the security issue, so I think it was a coincidence that the two problems happened around the same time. I edit drum sets a lot, and I understand that can create file nesting issues. At least I will know what to do next time.

Thanks again!

Thank you for sharing your solutions and glad you have it working again.

every time i change drum kit in drum kit tab, i’m asked to save, even when i don’t make any changes is this normal??


should I save everytime?

Only if you make edits or changes.