Drum Sets

Hi, Just downloaded the compete set of Drum Sets, following the instructions loaded them into BB Manager, deleted the old ones, leaded up my SD car from the pedal, loaded the new drum sets, deleted toe old ones, and now all my 200 named songs on my SD card have defaulted to the Ballard drum set, which was the only Drum Set I’d kept unaltered.
Unless someone has a smart idea, it looks as though I’ll have to go through my 200 songs and manually re-enter its proper Drum Set. This will take hours.
Also, the latest release of BB Manager ( for Mac) crashes periodically - no reason. More hassle. Not impressed.

Some feedback for BB. I feel BB should test new stuff better before releasing it as I now have hours of needless extra work rebuilding my SD card and songs for a gig tomorrow night.
Lesson learned - never again download a new release of anything from BB.

Same here. I had to manually reset all default drumsets, and when I download new songs I have to do the same. BB treats the new kits as new sets, not as updates. You can take the old sets from the back up, if you still have it.