Drum Settings Saved With Aeros?

I recently purchased an Aeros to sync to my BeatBuddy. My question; is it possible for the BeatBuddy settings to be saved with the song on the Aeros or do I have to remember the drum settings that I used and dial them into the BearBuddy when I change songs?

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That is AWESOME!! Thanks so much for the video…great info. I currently have my BB as master (MIDI Out into Aeros MIDI In). What are the steps needed to change my setup to make the Aeros the master, which I’m assuming is needed to be able to change the BB drum kit to match the song?

im just learning the new firmware myself.
watch funforguitar’s / NYHC’s stuff for the last month or so to see new firmware in action and learn of any pitfalls.

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You need to update to the beta version 5.0 (some people have problems to update it)
Or wait for the official 5.0 coming soon !

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Another great video. On the cables, I got everything except the last part. You have BeatBuddy MIDI Out going to where (?), and then what (?) is going to Aeros MIDI In? It sounded like you said “LX” or something like that.

I’ve been using 5.0 since it was released in beta and love it, but I hadn’t done the Aeros as master yet, so I figured I’d try that now. :slight_smile:

I saw Helix, (Line 6 Helix LT).
But if you don’t have a Multifx than you set the cables like this
Aeros out >Maestro IN
Maestro out > Beatbuddy IN
Beatbuddy Out > Aeros IN
Set the Aeros as master and to “Midi out”
and the Beatbuddy >Main pedal>Midi out> Output type>Midi merge
If I’m not wrong this can work perfectly

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Thanks. That sounds right to me. Just to add a wrinkle, I think if I have an external MIDI controller (MC6) to control the Aeros, I would go:

MC6 out > Aeros IN
Aeros out > Maestro IN
Maestro out > Beatbuddy IN
Beatbuddy Out > MC6 IN

If your settings don’t work like expected
Than follow mine and replace the Maestro with your MC6

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Everything worked perfectly after I watched some more of your videos. :slight_smile: But, with the Aeros as the MIDI Master, is there any way to change the tempo on the BB and operate it independently of the Aeros. I mean if all I want is a cool metronome (the BB) without the Aeros playing, how can I change the BB tempo without doing it through the looper?

You cannot . I try several times too , but no luck

I did find a workaround though. You can pull up the slide out menu when stopped and go to MIDI Mode and switch from TR + Out to RCV + Off, and then go to the Aeros home page or Songs list to essentially revert back to when the BB was the master. Then I can independently use the BB without activating the Aeros. I like that I can control which device is the MIDI master hands free via the slide out menu. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting, gonna try it. Thank for the tip

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Make sure you choose the right ones though (TR + Out for Aeros Master and RCV + Off for BB Master). If you choose the others, the BB defaults to 300 bpm (at least it did on mine) and everything goes crazy. :smiley:

But When using the Maestro , some commands don’t work if the gears are inverted ?
gonna take a look for sure

The only one that didn’t work on the Maestro in my case was the BB Next Part (CC102) because we turned it to disable. But when I do this switch, it’s only so I can use the BB separate from the Aeros.

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Just tested,
You have good & bad on both side

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I agree. I like having the Aeros as master and how it can recall the BB song and tempo (your videos for this and the other new 5.0 features are awesome!), but I really needed the ability to separate the BB out so I can use it as a fancy metronome at times. It works for me. :+1:

Maybe in the future they gonna fix this !
Me too, Aeros as master the best.
I try to get into the Midi in of the Aeros and try to understand the “Filter” top right
you set On or Off cc commands, just choose “Custom”
But cannot fix this transition problem when enable or disable, maybe is this feature isn’t working yet ?

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